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Job Posting

Probation Officer
Position Title: Probation Officer
Reports to: Court Clerk/Director
Department: Tribal Court

The Probation Officer is a professional position of the Judicial Branch of the Seminole Nation. The position is responsible for monitoring probationers to make sure they adhere to the conditions set by the Court.

• Supervise client probationary court requirements, including weekly check-ins, compliance with terms thereof, and report violators to the prosecutor’s office for the filing of the appropriate motion.
• Implement and maintain adult and juvenile case files, court dates, and meeting dates to ensure client case management system is up to date.
• Ensure confidentiality is maintained and applied in the appropriate cases and procedures.
• Investigate the probationer's history to better understand their background prior to hearings that decide an offender's eligibility for probation.
• Test probationers for drugs.
• Assist probationers in finding employment or educational opportunities.
• Call or visit employers to check on probationer's progress.
• Coordinate with community resources to help probationers with their individual needs and plans.
• Provide referrals and resources for counseling.
• Interview probationers' family and friends to examine progress.
• Conducting home visits.
• Writing progress reports.
• Coordinating with law enforcement and the courts for the re-arrest of non-compliant probationers.
• Testify in court concerning probationers' background and/or progress.
Perform other duties as assigned.

• An Associate’s degree in criminal justice or related field; or
• Previous court-related experience preferred and must complete a training program and/or pass an exam to become a certified probation officer.

• Ability to communicate efficiently and effectively, both verbally and in writing.
• Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
• Ability to work under stress and keep composure.
• Ability to exercise independent judgment based on information available and their experiences interacting with the client.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality.
• Must be creative problem-solvers.
• Must be good at developing probation plans and coordinating with vested community members.
• Must be able to establish rapport and a relationship with probationers.
• Must be flexible and adaptable to working in different environments from indoor offices to the field, including field environments that may have a high-level of risk.
• Must be able to travel in or out of the state for daily or overnight training.
• Must be able to pass the Seminole Nation required background check.
• Must be able to comply with the Seminole Nation Drug Free Workplace policies.

Work is typically performed in an indoor environment.

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