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An image displaying a plaque of the Seminole Trail of Tears, an old map and descriptive sheet about the Seminole Beginnings

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Seminole Nation Adult Immersion Program

"Ready to preserve our heritage and shape the future? Join us in revitalizing our Mvskoke language for a meaningful career journey!"

The Seminole Nation Adult Immersion Program (SNAiP) is dedicated to creating new Mvskoke language speakers and teachers. The Seminole Nation Adult Immersion Program (SNAiP) is an adult Mvskoke language immersion program for novice learners who are paired with master-level fluent Mvskoke speakers.

Language apprentices participate in a Mvskoke language immersion environment Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm and receive an educational cash benefit as a part of this 40/hour a week program. The number of applicants selected is based on program availability.

The program is a full-time, three year commitment. Upon completion, participants are expected to be conversational in Mvskoke.

Interested individuals must meet the following criteria:
18 years or older
Must have a strong desire to learn and perpetuate the Mvskoke language.
Be prepared for intense daily immersion settings.
Willing to teach the Mvskoke language to different age groups while in the program.
Available Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Pass a youth sensitive background check

When is the application deadline?
The application deadline is quickly approaching. May 5th, 2024 the application portal will be closed.

Can I work while I’m in SNAiP?
It is not recommended that program participants work or engage in other educational pursuits while in SNAiP.  

What is an educational cash benefit?
Program participants receive a biweekly educational cash benefit to offset living expenses while in the program. Currently, participants receive $10.00/hour. This amount is subject to change.

What is the class size?
Currently the SNAiP is a pilot program for one class of 2-3 apprentices. The goal will be to continue adding classes and more apprentices.

Will I be fluent when I complete SNAiP?
Second language speakers who complete the SNAiP will be able to converse in Mvskoke. It takes a lifetime to know as much of the language as our first language elder Speakers. However, the more committed and persistent a language apprentice is, the more proficient they become.

How are participants chosen for the program?
Participants are selected through an application and interview process. If there are openings available, postings will be made through this webpage and social media.

We are looking for people who are passionate about our language. As a requirement for our program, consistent attendance and active participation are essential. Individuals who fail to meet these expectations may be subject to removal from the program. It's important for everyone to fully engage in order to maximize the benefits of our collective efforts.

The SNAiP is funded by a grant from a partnership with the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma Child Care Program.

The first application window has officially closed. If we are able to open another class, we will post the application link here.