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The purpose of the program is to assist eligible applicants to obtain job skills and to find and retain a job leading to self-sufficiency.


DIRECT EMPLOYEMENT - helping those who have obtained a job. We provide Vouchers to buy: clothing, shoes and gas before the first full paycheck. DIRECT EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - READ MORE HERE

ADULT VOCATIONAL TRAINING - help with supportive service every twice a month depending on availability of funds for 24 months or less, unless enrolled in nursing school, then 36 months if in a nursing school or program and not in an institution of higher learning (acquiring a B.S. in Nursing). ADULT VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM - READ MORE HERE


1. Who may be eligible for Job Placement and Training?
You may apply for assistance for employment or training if all of the following criteria are met:
(a) You meet the definition of Indian (any person who is a member of a federally recognized tribe, including Alaska Natives)
(b) You are residing on or near an Indian reservation or in a service area, or in the agreed contract service area; and
(c) You are unemployed or underemployed or need and can benefit from employment assistance as determined by your servicing office; and
(d) You complete and ISP

2. What is an Individual Self-Sufficiency Plan (ISP)?
(a) An ISP is a document that:
(1) Spells out the details necessary for a person to assume a meaningful job (usually within a reasonable period of time):
(2) Supplements the application process and includes needed finances, special clothing, transportation, and support services necessary for employment;
(3) Identifies all financial resources and defines the employment or training objective; and
(4) Outlines how the applicant will participate in job placement, where resources will allow.
(b) The employer's job information and offer should be attached to the ISP, which becomes a part of the application (and supporting documents).
(c) The ISP must indicate that the services received will meet the individual's and tribal goals.
(d) Only one comprehensive ISP can be in effect for each applicant at one time. The comprehensive ISP can be in effect for each applicant at one time.
The comprehensive ISP should be coordinated and integrated with other programs offered by the servicing agency.


Office visitor rules due to the Coronavirus

In preparing for clients to receive service from JP&T, the procedures will be the following:

1. By appointment ONLY -call ahead to reserve your time
2. Clients will stay in car and call to let us know they are in the parking lot
3. Temperatures will be taken
4. Staff will bring application out to client (wearing a mask)
5. All transactions will be done outside to insure no transmittal of Covid-19 bacteria is brought into the building.
6. No appointment after 4:00 unless agreed upon or necessary (note: appointments can be made after 5:00 p.m. or before 8:00 a.m. restrictions apply)

Please know that our Staff is taking precautions and preventive measures to make sure everyone is safe. We ask that if you have a cough or fever to please stay home. We know that having a job is important and we value your efforts to maintain a job and/or training.
We will continue to offer our help in keeping you employed/or in training, by giving Supportive Services to all Citizens of the Great Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. Mvto!

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8a.m. - 5p.m.

Contact info and location
Emma Wesley-Harjo, B.A, Director
Vacant, Education/Employee Counselor
Main Office: 405-234-5288
Fax: 405234-5298

Mekusukey Mission
12575 NS 3540
Seminole, OK 74868
The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma